What to take with you to the maternity ward?

If you are expecting a child soon and you are slowly heading to the maternity hospital, you are definitely wondering what to pack in the bag. I guess you already thought about it and done a short list. The bag should contain everything you will need before the birth and the first day after the birth, but a lot of things will already be waiting for you in the maternity hospital.

We have prepared a list of things that will surely come in handy in the hospital.

What will a new mom definitely need?

  • Identity card, health insurance card and pregnancy booklet. Also, have some money with you because you never know when it will come in handy.

  • A referral to the maternity hospital, given to you by your gynecologist.

  • Toiletry bag with the most essential cosmetic products. You will also need a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and shampoo (you will be using the shower with several moms, so a pair of bath slippers will come in handy) and cream, lip balm and deodorant. Maybe you will also need some extra postpartum pads and mesh underwear. Most maternity hospitals provide enough for your daily needs, but you will feel safer if you have some extra in your bag in case of heavy bleeding. You can also get bra pads.

  • You will probably want to tell the good news to all your loved ones as soon as possible, so don’t forget to take a mobile phone and a charger. This will also be the ideal opportunity to take the first pictures of your new family member and share them with your family.

  • Some moms prefer to wear their own pajamas. But if you wear your pajamas, chances are it will get dirty and you may have to throw it away. Therefore, hospital pajamas are highly recommended, however unattractive they may be. We recommend that you pack warm socks (especially if you’re expected to give birth in the fall or winter) and your own slippers, which are more comfortable than the ones you get in a hospital.
  • In case you are going to use breastfeeding products, pack these too. By breastfeeding products we mean breastfeeding devices, breastfeeding bra and maybe even a bottle or a pacifier (if you don’t have it, the hospital will bring the milk in their own baby bottle).
  • You can also bring small snacks. If you give birth after dinner time, you may be hungry until the next morning.
  • Books and magazines will definitely come in handy if you have some free time.

  • A few clothing items you will wear when going home; underwear, t-shirt and pants. And, depending on the time of year, something warmer.

TIP: You can buy pads and mesh underwear at the pharmacy or DM drugstore. One of the companies that make them is Tosama. Be careful not to buy ordinary pads. Be sure to take pads intended for women after childbirth or surgery, to avoid insufficient air circulation of the wound and possible inflammation.

What to pack for a newborn?

For a newborn you usually don’t need to bring anything.  Most maternity hospitals provide diapers and clothes during a newborn’s stay, so you don’t have to worry about this. But it is always a good idea to pack clothes in which you will bring the baby home.

We recommend that you also pack small socks or mittens you can put on a baby’s hands. It is not recommended to cut a baby’s nails, but they can scratch their cheeks. To avoid this, bring mittens.

Of course, clothes for going home are extremely important for a baby. He definitely has to wear everything he had in the maternity hospital (pajamas, pants, socks), as well as a comfortable coverall or sweater. Of course, it all depends on the time of year. In winter you need to take with you a jumpsuit, which should be warmer, and also a warm blanket. It is recommended that you take your newborn out of the maternity hospital in a soft and comfortable blanket, which you can also place in the car seat. A going home outfit can be brought to you by a partner or family member who comes to pick you up from the maternity hospital.

Car seat is mandatory equipment. You must have it ready when you leave the maternity hospital.

So above you have the most important things you need to have before coming to and leaving the maternity hospital. Did we forget something? Let us know. This will make our list even more complete.